Potato Growers of Alberta


The Potato Growers of Alberta (PGA) is a non-profit grower organization that aims to increase the success of the potato growing industry in the province. To accomplish this, the PGA works on three fronts: education and extension, marketing and promotion, and research.

PGA Commission:
The PGA Commission consists of seven members, 2 members elected from Alberta North; 2 members from Alberta South and 3 members elected at large. 

James Bareman - Chairman
Tony Bos - Vice-Chairman
Lyndon Nakamura
Jeff Ekkel
Alison Davie
Tony Kirkland
J.P. Claassen

Negotiation Committee:
The Negotiation Committee works with the processors and negotiates contracts on behalf of the growers. The committee works closely with both sides to reach contracts that are fair and equitable for all. Members also attend national potato meetings yearly to stay on top of industry developments. Our current committee members are:

Greg Nakamura
Laus Stiekema
Tony Bos
Mark Miyanaga
Mike Wind
Lloyd Ypma
Jaap Remijn


Potato Growers of Alberta
Terence Hochstein
Executive Director 
6008-46 Avenue
Taber, Alberta T1G 2B1 
Phone: (403) 223-2262
Fax: (403) 223-2268
Email: pga@albertapotatoes.ca